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  • Project Name: Asphalt Distributor
  • Brand: ULTIMA™
  • Location.: Bekasi, Indonesia
  • Value.: call u
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asphalt distributor can be applicable to the construction of permeable layer, underlayer sealing, and cohesive layer, as well as the fog seal for each grade of asphalt highway, featuring high precision spraying, reliable performance, and convenient operation. It is the ideal equipment for the construction and maintenance of asphalt road.

Unit XZJ5250GLQ
Spraying width mm 200-6000
Asphalt spraying dosage kg/m2 0.2~3.0
Asphalt tank capacity L 13000 weight t 25
Spraying precision ±1.5%
Chassis Model ZZ1257M4647C
Engine power kw 198
Site transfer speed km/h ≥80
Spraying medium Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, Kerosene cutback asphalt
Heating Diesel burner
Fuel tank L 400
Electrical system V 24
Dimension 10830×2496×3900